Triangle-shaped rice packet wrapped in dried seaweed sheets


Samgak-gimbap 삼각김밥

Samgak-gimbap is a triangular shaped gimbap which is designed to keep the seaweed fresh by putting it between 2 thin sheets of plastic. So you can eat it hours later, and it will still be crispy. It was invented by a Japanese company. I think whoever thought of this was pretty clever!

To make this, you will have to buy seaweed (gim) that was made specially for samgak-gimbap. You should also get a mold for making the triangle shape, but if you can’t get one, watch the video to see how to do it without it, just using plastic wrap.


In my recipe I’m going to show you 2 kinds of filling: kimchi and tuna, but you can use your own favorite ingredients to make delicious filling.


(for 3-4 servings, or 8-9 samgak-gimbap)
Cooked rice (about 4 cups), vinegar, white sugar, salt, seaweed for samgak-gimbap, a can of tuna, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, roasted sesame seeds, black ground pepper, kimchi, and hot pepper paste.

Ok, let’s start!

Prepare rice:

Mix 1 tbs vinegar, 2 ts of white sugar, ¼ ts of salt in a small bowl until the mixture of liquid looks clear.
In a large bowl, put 4-5 cups of fresh made warm rice and pour the clear liquid into the rice and mix it and cool down.

Make filling:

Tuna filling

Open a can of tuna and squeeze out the water through a cheesecloth.
In a heated pan, put 1 ts vegetable oil.
Add 1 clove of minced garlic, the tuna, 2 ts of soy sauce, and 2 ts of brown sugar into the pan and stir it for a few minutes.
Turn the heat off and add 1 ts sesame oil, 1 ts roasted sesame seeds, and ¼ ts of black ground pepper.

Kimchi filling

Chop ¼ cup kimchi and put it in a small bowl.
Add 1 ts of hot pepper paste, 1 ts of sesame oil, and 1 ts of roasted sesame seeds to the kimchi and mix it up.

Put the rice and filling in the mold:

Fill the mold about 2/3 full with cooked rice.
Place your filling in the center.
Top up the mold with rice, put on the lid, and press it down.

Wrap it up:

Take out a piece of gim from the package. Don’t remove the plastic wrap, we need this! Look for the numbers on the sheet. The numbers side of the sheet goes down, and #1 should be pointing away from you.
Take the lid off your mold, and place it face down on your sheet. The tip of the triangle should be pointing away from you, towards #1. Let the rice packet gently slide out on to the sheet.
Fold the sheet over the rice, away from you and towards #1. Then fold up the sides. Keep them in place with the sticker that came with the gim

Eat it:

When you’re ready to eat it, look for #1 on the side of the packet. Pull that tab and the plastic will peel off.
Gently remove #2 and then #3, putting the gim back into place each time.
Take a bite. Crispy, isn’t it?


Source: Maangchi


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